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IN Grimm’s fairy tale, Cinderella lost her shoe on the way home from the ball after dancing with the prince. The prince vowed to find the owner of the shoe and marry her. Cinderella’s two ugly sisters tried to force their feet into the shoe but it just wouldn’t fit, so the despised Cinderella was the one who married the prince.


The well-authenticated discovery of soft tissue, including collagen and blood cells, and Carbon-14 in the bones of  dinosaurs has not caused evolutionists to question their view that these creatures died out round 65 million years ago. They simply express amazement that such things could survive so long, even though no Carbon-14 would remain after  50,000 years.1

  The first birds are said to have appeared on earth 150 million years ago. having evolved from reptilian ancestors, but the clear imprints of birds' feet have been discovered in rocks that are “much too old.” In 1932 C.M. Sternberg described tracks found in Carboniferous rocks in Nova Scotia, Canada, in 1841. He noted that the tracks had been made by a bipedal animal and went on: 'Superficially they resemble the tracks of some wading birds, but, of course, there is little possibility of their having been made by birds.'72

 The journal Nature reported the discovery of fossil tracks “very similar to those made by modern birds, with claw marks and a backward-facing toe”  in Triassic  rocks. Yet the article concluded that they couldn’t really be bird tracks, since birds hadn’t yet evolved, so must have been left by theropod dinosaurs which had bird-like feet!3 However, this explanation was unconvincing, so the rocks were “re-dated” as Eocene, which made them 55 million years “younger”!


In 1978 a trail of footprints was found in hardened volcanic ash in Laetoli, Tanzania. They were dated at 3.6 million years old. Footprint expert Dr Louise Robbins said, “They looked so human, so modern, to be found in tuffs so old.’4 The evidence clearly suggested that modern-type humans made these prints, but according to evolution, true humans were not around that long ago, so they must have been made by ape-like creatures with human-like feet!

  In 1965 part of an upper arm-bone (humerus) was discovered in Kenya. Although it was dated at 4 to 4.5 million years old, it was “indistinguishable from modern Homo sapiens.” Yet, despite this, it has been assigned to the australopithicenes —  supposed sub-human ancestors of ours.5

  It seems that most evolutionists simply cannot break free from their millions-of-years straightjacket.  Professor Marvin Lubenow commented: “To the evolutionist there is just one primary fact in the universe: evolution. Everything else is just data. The value of this data does not depend upon its intrinstic quality but upon whether or not it supports evolution and its time scale”.6

 Evolutionists generally treat creationism in the same way that the ugly sisters treated Cinderella. However,  the facts increasingly fit the Biblical view of origins rather than the evolution theory.  In the end, those who believe that God’s word is more trustworthy than Darwin’s will be proved right. “By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.” (Hebrews 11: 4)  And increasingly, the facts support that faith.


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