A5 double-sided Factsheets.

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No.   3 Mutations and Miracles

No.   6 Fantasy of Life's Origin

No.   7 Evolution and Variation

No.   9 'Out-of-place' Fossils & Artifacts

No. 10 Our Young Solar System

No. 11 Flight

No. 12 Frozen Mammoths

No. 13 Sea Mammals

No. 17 Apes and Men

No. 18 The Origin of Religion

No. 19 The Cambrian Explosion

No. 20 Our Unique Planet

No. 21 The Ice Age

No. 22 Fish Out of Water

No. 23 Our Young Universe

No. 24 No Change = No Evolution!

No. 25 Plants and Creation

No. 26 Where Humans Walked

No. 27 Big Bang Problems

No. 28 Footprints in Stone

No. 29 Selection - Natural and Artificial

No. 30 Pre-flood Longevity

No. 31 Insects and Evolution

No. 32 Did Human Language Evolve?

No. 33 'Vestigial Organs' Reconsidered

No. 34 Quasars and Redshifts

No. 35 Did Humans and Dinosaurs Co-exist?

No. 36 Our Amazing Ancestors

No. 37 Feathered Dinosaurs?

No. 38 The Origin of Mammals

No. 39 Catastrophism

No. 40 Horse Non-sense

No. 41 The Myth of Recapitulation

No. 42 All in the Eye

No. 43 Ichthyosaurs

No. 44 Orchids and Evolution

No. 45 Hubble's Young Universe

No. 46 How Old are Fossils?

No. 47 Creation and Information

No. 48 The Two Great Lights

No. 49 The Dating Game

No. 50 Ears to Hear

No. 51 The Worldwide Flood

No. 52 The Faith of the Evolutionist

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