Creation Update is our quarterly full-colour, 4-page magazine containing news and articles on creation/evolution. It is sent out on a donation basis. On this page are some items from the latest issue, No. 108

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In January Professor Andy McIntosh visited Nigeria to take part in the African Pastors Conference (APC) in Lagos. Lagos is a city of 23 million people,  and by 2030 it may be the largest city in the world.

APC reaches right across Africa with conferences teaching sound Biblical themes, and resisting not only evolutionary teaching but the rampant heresy of health and wealth which is particularly prevalent in Nigeria. The conference theme was “Creation/New Creation” and Andy was assisted by Pastor Irving Steggles, Pastor of Birchleigh Baptist Church in Johannesburg, South Africa. Around 60 pastors attended the two-day  conference.

Andy also spoke at the West African Theological Seminary to about 200 staff and students on the Biblical importance of Genesis, the Science of Design and the Rocks and Fossils. Many showed great interest in the books and DVDs. On the final day of his visit, Andy spoke at Lagos State University on “The Wonder of Hearing” to around 500 students who were learning linguistics and language.  His final session on “Has Science killed God?”  was attended by about 100 students.



A selection of articles from our children’s creation paper Our World has been published in Poland by an active creation group in that country. Na Tropie Stworzenia is a 144-page full-colour large paperback. We have been sending our papers to them for a number of years, and we were pleased to give permission to translate and use articles. We pray that God will use this book to help children (and others) learn about the evidence for creation. Besides Poland, CRT materials are regularly sent to other eastern European countries, including Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Albania, Macedonia and Yugoslavia.


Thanks to the generous giving of CRT supporters, at the end of 2017 we were able to send a package of resources to more than 50 overseas pastors, evangelists and schools. These packages contained two DVDs, a copy of the Creation Answers Book and the booklet Is it True? Evidence for the Bible.


Creation Ministries International is organising another European Creation Conference at the Emmanuel Centre, Westminster, London, SW1P 3DW 21st-22nd September 2018. 16 experienced, well-qualified  speakers will give presentations on a wide range of subjects. There will also be a Saturday afternoon Youth Programme. For details/bookings, contact CMI on 0116 2848999 or visit