Archive of Editorial articles from Creation Update

Spring 2009: Is Evolution a Sacred Cow?

Summer 2009: The Unscriptural Fallacy of “Pre-Adamite Man”

Autumn 2009: The Secular Humanists’ Religious Agenda

Winter 2009: When all else fails, try Abuse!

Spring 2010: Creation, Evolution and Easter

Summer 2010: The Beginning and the End

Autumn 2010: The Importance of Being Informed!

Winter 2010: Did the Universe Create Itself?

Spring 2011: It’s a Long Story! (CRT’s history)

Summer 2011: Battles aren’t won by Giving Ground!

Autumn 2011: Darwin’s Chickens are Coming Home to Roost!

Winter 2011: In Evangelism, should we start at the Beginning?

Spring 2012: Don’t Ignore the Main Weapon!

Summer 2012: The Irrationality of the Rationalists!

Autumn 2012: Is Creation Unscientific?

Winter 2012: Why are so many Christians so ready to Fly the White Flag?

Spring 2013: Evolution and Racism

Summer 2013: ‘Theistic Evolution’ is no Solution to Darwin’s Dilemma!

Autumn 2013: Little by Little!

Winter 2013: It’s Nothing to do with Science!

Spring 2014: Daring to Dissent!

Summer 2014: Why the Anger?

Autumn 2014: Secular is not Neutral!

Winter 2014: Looking for (naturalistic) Answers

Spring 2015: Why are Young People becoming Atheists?

Summer 2015: Shattering Myths

Autumn 2015: More Origin-of-Life Speculation

Winter 2015: Evolution’s Rotten Fruit

Spring 2016: Looking Back and Forward

Summer 2016: The Great Unmentionable

Autumn 2016: Piltdown was not the Only Mistake!

Spring 2017: Don’t Start from Here!

Summer 2017: Evolution and Eugenics

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